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Art, Science & Exploration Program

Your child will be participating in a developmentally appropriate Art Program that will be divided into visual and performing arts. In this program children will learn from their own experiences and explorations. The role of the teacher is to provide materials with the intention of having children use their creativity and imagination. The children’s use of materials on their own will help develop self reliance and self esteem.

Materials such as paper, crayons, markers, oil pastels, paint, play dough, tissue paper, collage and crafts materials, water colors, scissors, and glue will always be available to your child. Art projects directed by teachers and/or children will happen on a daily basis. An annual Art Exhibition on Animals and their habitat will happen every spring.

Monte Tavor

Children enjoy our music and dance program all year long. Our biannual grand extravaganza dance events for toddlers and preschoolers have promoted exercise, self-expression, and dance arts for many years.

Performing art events will be with the intention of learning from playing instruments, listening to music, and learning dances on a day-to-day basis and children 15 months and older will be participating during spring, summer and fall seasons these activities will be present. Children will participate in a couple of shows, where they will learn to choreograph African dances, Caribbean themes, ballet, Latin American and Brazilian dances and many American dances.  Performing arts for the older children could include a theatrical play.

Your child will be participating in a science developmentally appropriate program and in this program children learn to explore the different sciences such as biology—living things, animals, and their habitats; chemistry – mixing of ingredients and find results as cause and effect; astrology – moon, sun, stars, and planets; and experiments, discoveries that interlink with a few of the sciences. There will be water play, discovery and sensory themes that will include natural ingredients for creating fun experiments.

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