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Monte Tavor Events

monte tavor events

Cultural Parent Planned Activities and Cultural Event

Wednesday October 11, 2017, 9:00am

We are inviting parents to come and share a cultural related activity with children. In the past, families have read stories or sang songs from different countries and languages, taught steps from special cultural dances, brought in cultural costumes, made special types of art, shown pictures and images of places that they have visited, played instruments commonly used in different parts of the world, and showed pictures of places ancestors came from. You may be as creative as possible.

We will also like to create a Dramatic Play Based Theme around different cultures, parts of the world and many languages. You are welcome to send in items that could be used during the activity display, we will make sure it gets labeled with craft colored tape. The theme will be displayed beginning October 23rd, but children and their families are encouraged to begin bringing items in the week of October 9th.

monte tavor field trip

Cultural Event and Potluck

Friday October 13, 2017, 4:30pm - 5:45pm

We invite families, teachers, and providers to share a cultural dish on this day. Children love savoring the different foods and wonderful taste of cultural foods. Last year, countries and cultures that were represented were Mexico and Latin America, Germany, France and Brazil. We hope this year we get more diversity from around the world.

Every year preschoolers put together a mini music show, where they will show parents how they play music and use instruments to make music. Join them at 5:00 pm! If your child has a particular instruments that he or she plays at home, you are welcome to bring it in to school on that day or in the afternoon.

monte tavor events

Fall Play Based Themes

Starting October 2, 2017

Autumn began on September 22, 2017. We are asking families to help their children bring fall items to decorate and celebrate fall harvest. We would like to create a Dramatic Play Center Activity theme reflecting a Pumpkin Patch and an Apple Orchard. Children and their families are encouraged to bring to school (pumpkins of all sizes and kinds, Indian corn, posters, stickers, baskets, apples, apple cider, table cloth, small scare crows, etc.) The items will begin to be collected the week of October 2nd - 13th.

Children may bring and share books about fall, apples and pumpkins to read during daily reading. These books will be returned to their owners by the end of the theme in mid October. Teachers will make signs and labels to create a similar activity center shown below. The school will provide hay stacks and props for the children to enjoy the activity center. The learning will involve oral language, literacy, math and much fun for ages 15 months and older.

monte tavor field trips

Come Celebrate With Us at Ardenwood Historic Farm

Date/Time TBD

You're invited to experience farm life as it was near the turn of the 20th Century. Cattle still graze in the pastures. Land still grows the kind of crops George Patterson tended 100 years ago and the 205 acre farmyard is still full of animals. Join the adventure along with a BBQ following the fun to celebrate Monte Tavor's continued 21st year of connecting families and their bilingual children.

monte tavor oakland zoo field trip

Oakland Zoo Field Trip

Date/Time TBD

"Happy, Healthy Animals" - Animal Care & Needs

Discover how zoo animals' survival depend on getting the basics and so much more!

"Ooh, That Smells So Good On My Tongue!" - Animal Senses & Body Parts

Together we'll see how animals use theri bodies and various senses to survive in the wild.

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