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Monte Tavor's Holidays & Special Events

Mark Your Calendars
Please read an important note at the end of this calendar regarding attendance and enrollment

The 2023-2024 Calendar has 53 weeks from 7/31/2023 to 8/4/2024.

The 2024-2025 Calendar has 52 weeks from 8/5/2024 to 8/1/2025.


Monte Tavor is CLOSED on dates in PURPLE.

All families and children may join us on dates in BLUE.

Parents of two-year-olds and older may volunteer to participate on dates in ORANGE.


Dates TBD

Friday March - Wild Care Visit

Thursday March Animal Science Art Fair

Friday March Animal Science Art Fair

Thursday April Oakland Zoo Mobile Visit

Friday April Oakland Zoo Mobile Visit


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Read Important Note

As stated in your contract, holidays and breaks are paid in full regardless of your schedule.

You may not modify or change your schedule to make up any missed day due to a holiday, sick day or any day your child is absent. Any unscheduled day your child attends will be considered an extra day and charged at the rate of your daily attendance at the time of enrollment.

Holidays that fall on weekends will be observed during a week day

This calendar is an amendment to Monte Tavor’s Contract.

Signing your child in and out is a very important detail that every parent should continue to do upon arrival and upon leaving the premises. The updated version has a message of OUT indicating that your child is currently signed out, and you must TAP the circle and PRESS DONE to indicate your child is currently signed IN. We have asked SmartCare if they could make the font larger at the bottom of the screen, where it is telling you that your child was successful signed IN or OUT.

Downloading the app on your phone, using the QR Code Key Card or using your Digit PIN Code are the three ways to sign your children in and out. Please contact us immediately if you are missing any of these three methods.

Children who are not properly signed in for the day, and whose Photo and Video Release Form have NOT been signed will not be able to receive pictures, videos or messages during the day as the system will consider your child absent or not authorized.

Make sure that the number of days your child attends are confirmed. (3, 4 or 5 days) An extra day charge will be applied on days not scheduled. Make sure your hours of attendance are within the agreed hours. Example: 7-5, 7:30-5:30, 8-6 PM (Laguna Site) 7:30-5:30 (Skyline Site) or our extended hours 7-6 PM (approval is required for an additional cost of $40.00 per week ONLY available at the Laguna Site). Late pick up for anyone arriving after their scheduled expired time is $3.00 per minute. It is very important that you pick up your child before your expired time. Teachers are exhausted at the end of the day, and they want to leave on time in order to reenergize for the next day. Taking care of children is a very demanding and exhausting job, both mentally and physically. We would love for everyone to help us take care of our wonderful teachers!

Wipes, Wipes, and Wipes
Please remember to bring wipes according to the frequency you are assigned (once a month, every other month, or every 3 months). We have not had the opportunity to send out notices for those who have missed bringing wipes depending on the frequency, explained as follows. Families who are missing bags will either have the opportunity to bring them, ship them to their site, or we can order them and a charge will be applied to their SmartCare account. *One bag a month- infants and non-potty trained children. *One bag every other month-recently potty-trained children and children under 4 years of age. *One bag every 3 months-children who have been potty-trained, go to the potty on their own, and children who are older than 4 years old. Wipes are essential, so please remember to bring them. Make sure to ship them with your child’s name to 3516 Laguna Ave. Oakland, CA 94602 or 13463 Skyline Blvd. Oakland, CA 94619. Thank you!

Immunization Records
In order for children to attend child care and preschool, they will need to be immunized and up to date with their vaccines. Please bring us the most updated copy of your child’s immunization records, every time your child receives a vaccination. Children 15 months and older should have all vaccines completed until they are accepted to Kindergarten.

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