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Dear Families,

We look forward to the 2018-2020 school years. This once again will be another exciting time for the Monte Tavor community of parents and children. The activities will continue to strengthen and build socio-emotional friendships and attachments for the developing minds. For six consecutive years we have made an emphasis on the bright and thoroughly planned activities for children to immerse into. As always we strive to keep children challenged, excited and looking forward to the next day.

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Before we move forward, we would like take a moment to look back at few of our proudest moments in the recent year. 

  • Monte Tavor is proud to announce that we were awarded the 2017 Business of Excellence Award in the Preschool Category. For two years in a row we have been awarded the Best Preschool honor and now for the third year, we have achieved the merit of being part of a special circle of excellence. We thank those who continue to vote and make our school their choice for their children.

  • Monte Tavor's new expansion opened at Skyline. This new site has brought a lot of learning enthusiasm in the teaching philosophies behind the theory by Howard Garner on the naturalist intelligence approach or way of learning based on nature and the outdoors.

  • Faculty, teachers and teachers-in-training retention for the past 10-14 years have been an outstanding achievement. Number of applicants who want to join our team have increased to double in the recent year.

  • The Monte Tavor’s teaching team have increased for the past two years from 12 to now 15 members, three full time office support, and five providers for both sites.

  • A couple of current Spanish Immersion Centers have asked Monte Tavor to join forces with them, since the opening of Skyline.

  • Our Newsletters provide a lot of information on the learning and activities for each age group as well as on the different events and themes throughout the year.

  • Our tri-annual grand extravaganza dance events for older infants, toddlers and preschoolers have promoted exercise, self-expression, and dance-arts for many years. Next school year we are adding a fourth dancing show for March 2019.

  • The sensory motor activities across all ages bring daily emergent curriculum on science and exploration as well as allowing infants to be more engaged during their sensory tactile activities.

  • Play based themes on dramatic play and outdoor free choice continue to be very strong across infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

  • Water Play activities for all ages in the spring, summer and fall months, and children spend the most possible time outdoors- splashing at the tubs, water tables, sprinklers, and kiddie pools.

  • Our entire approach continues to be based on the four developmental areas of socio-emotional, language, cognitive, and physical motor skills. Each helping us understand and get to know better the individual child.

  • The teacher’s training this year have been emphasized on observation and documentation, helping discover children’s inquiry, setting up games, theme activities and play based learning. Art and science activities have continued to help children further develop their imagination and hand-eye coordination, increase focus and attention, and encourage creativity. (a lifelong skill)

  • We have added a third round of parent conferences this school year, so that families can follow their children's development and process.

  • The different checklists and observational sheets help teachers and providers understand the areas that need improvement. The areas involve language acquisition (Spanish and English), gross motor skills (ability to walk, run, climb and play sports), fine motor skills (the ability to paint, draw and write), sharing (the ability to ask for a turn and to ask a teacher for help), and confidence in growing abilities (Are children able to express their feelings without being shy? Do they feel proud of their own accomplishments?)

  • Children's Observations and Assessments Reports now being conducted every four months are presenting us with a lot of information on how children are learning. Some of the checklist include Temperament Traits, The Creative Curriculum Child Development and Learning Checklist on problem solving, logical thinking, concept and information. Language and Emerging Literacy Skills, Cooperative and pro-social behavior.

  • Our Core Curriculum for the graduating class - workbooks on writing, math, and calendar. Science and Discovery, self-help concept, discipline and behavior using the Linda Brault Method on positive discipline in preparation for kindergarten.

  • We have continued to successfully expose the children in our community to a second or third language through our Spanish Immersion Program.

  • The animal habitat exposures and learning by bringing the Oakland Zoo mobile, Wild Care Nature Van on site.

We are looking forward to a new school year with positive changes.

  • Monte Tavor’s Preschool Dance Show will be held on 5/12/2018 at Leona Lodge in Oakland.

  • Monte Tavor’s 23rd Anniversary celebration BBQ will be held on 6/23 at Anthony Chabot Park Regional Park _Turtle Picnic Area

  • This year’s Graduation / Dance Show will take place on 7/14 in the Marian Zimmer Auditorium at the Oakland Zoo!!

  • The Monte Tavor’s Toddler Show will be on 9/22 at the Leona Lodge in Oakland.

  • Next school year we are adding a fourth dancing show for March 2019 for the Older Infant Show (See below for specific age groups for each of the dancing shows.)​​

We look forward to having you continue to be part of our community of parents and children and would like thank you for the years you have been part of Monte Tavor.

Monte Tavor Providers,

Angela, Yeira, Liz, William, and Jose (Humberto)

  • 4/6/2018 Oakland Zoo visits Monte Tavor at the Laguna location ONLY - First Presentation 9:30 AM for infants and toddlers. Children born between 8/4/2015-2/20/17. - Second Presentation 10:00 AM for Older Toddlers and Preschoolers. Children born between 12/20/2012-8/3/2015.

  • 5/12/2018 Preschool Dance Event: Only children born between 11/7/2013-11/11/2014 will participate on this day.​

  • 7/14/2018 Graduation Dance Event: Only children born between 12/24/2012-11/6/2013 will participate on this day.

  • 9/22/2018 Toddler Dance Event: Only children born between 3/14/2015-3/9/2016 will participate on this day.

  • 3/9/2019 Infant Dance Event: Only children born between 4/7/2016-2/10/2017 will participate on this day.

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