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Children can start attending now. We accept applications all year round.

Our Approach

​The goals we hope for children to reach from our current practices are to expand their ideas, to be valued, and to feel proud of themselves for learning and expressing themselves freely. To have respect and love for each other, and to build strong partnerships with the children and their families, but more importantly to have well-rounded exposures and experiences that will last a life long.
“We believe that children learn best when they have the freedom and encouragement of figuring out and building things on their own; when allowed to move freely in a classroom among the different areas of interest, while still experimenting and exploring materials on their own.”


We concentrate on social, cognitive, emotional, and physical development. Our collaborating emergent curriculum based on children's interest give us a balanced structure, where children and teachers are part of it. 

  • We currently develop our curriculum on the seasons, and a variety of materials in the great arts, (visual and performing). 

  • Activity centers such as Art, Music, Dance, Table Toys, and Manipulatives. 

  • The use of books, observations, conversations, documentation, and written materials used by educators helps to continue to reach higher levels of creative resources for art, science, and Spanish.


  • Language and Literacy are practically observed in every activity center. Every day children learn new vocabulary from emergent themes, dramatic play, physical games, music, and movement; along with singing and dancing.

  • Science and exploration, literacy center, reading circle time, writing, and drawing centers.

  • The great arts of abstract painting activities, water play, and nature.

  • Interactions with each other play an important role in social development and in building language skills.

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